Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A dark and poetic short tale

One Way Ticket

By William Cook


Publisher:  King Billy Publications

Pub. Date: December 20, 2014

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

William Cook is one of those authors in the horror/fantasy field I keep hearing about but I have yet to reach in and explore the depths of his talent. I have read a book of his poems and found them quite engaging in a darkly fantastique way. In One Way Ticket we have an example of his short fiction and a fine one it is. Even if I did not read his poetry, I would have guessed we had a poet among us because of the beautiful descriptions and the instant immersion into an eerie and tense environment. One Way Ticket involves Abel Laroux, a man who farmed a forsaken perhaps cursed plot of land in the Louisiana bayou as did the generations before him. On the night of the thirtieth year of his life, he experiences something that may change his life or be his death. It is a brief glimpse of terror that reads like many of the folk tales of that region. But what raises it above the typical is a certain description of a mode of transportation that makes the story a marvel. it is eerie, grotesque, and one of those written narratives that manages to translate into sight, sounds and smells as you read it. The skill of the writing holds you and convince you of the devilish doings in this story. There is not much else to say but to get this little gem and enjoy the chills. I now have another name on my list of authors to remember.

One Way Ticket is approximately 64 pages long and currently a free ebook on Amazon. It includes an excerpt from Cook's novel, Blood Related and the poem The Temper of the Tides.

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