Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The last issue of a notable literary journal

Lazy Fascist Review #3

Edited by Cameron Pierce

Publisher: Lazy Fascist Press

Pub Date: August 1, 2015

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First, we have the good news. The bi-annual Lazy Fascist Review is continuing to improve in presenting some of the newest and most talented writers around. It has succeeded in finding its unique role in the precarious and quirky literary journal world.

The bad news? This will be the last issue.

Yes, Lazy Fascist Review will be no longer, as recently announced by the editor Cameron Pierce. It is more than sad since the journal started impressively but tenuously and matured with each issue. In Issue number 3, there is not one bad story in the six pieces of fiction between the covers. Authors include Tiffany Scandal. Allison Floyd, Nick Mamatas, Daphne Gottlieb,and Tania Terblanche. South African author Berblanche has two works which is appropriate since her writings seem to be very brief but loaded with the type of prose that invites another look and another read. One of the great things about this journal is that LFR and the contributions within defies easy labeling. If anything, they have eschewed the Bizarro /Horror label of its parent publishing company, Eraserhead Press and dived deep into the waters labeled literary with a capital L. Some of the fiction can be label existentialist or surreal yet it is not the strange surreal of the dadaists or the Bizarros but the everyday surreal of a Cheever or Pinter. The stories invite several readings in order to really get the emotional power they possess..

Pierce also continues the quirky twist of having beer tasting reviews and pairing each story with a beer. This is the type of move that makes this journal different and down to earth. While LFR is a serious endeavor, it is not so serious you can't enjoy a brew or two. There are also intelligent and thoughtful reviews of various books.

One big different between this and the first two issues is that there is one non-fiction essay. Somewhat surprisingly, i found it to be the best article in the journal. Nick Carson, the drummer for metal band Witch Mountain, writes about his recent road tour with an intimacy and insight rarely seen.

I strongly recommend that you buy this book to see how a literary journal can and should be done. You might as well get all three so you can brag you have the full set.

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