Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The best ten novels of 2015 and more

2015 is winding down to an end and, as usual, I present my top ten best novels of the year. I also threw in some honorable mentions underneath the list . It was a fairly good year for fiction. My picks are as weird as my reading habits going from the mainstream publishing companies to the tiny little tributaries of indie press. Number one is my pick for best novel of the year while the other nine are in no special order.

1. Brother by Ania Ahlborn
2. Slade House by David Mitchell
3. Mutt by Shane McKenzie
4. Jack of Spades by Joyce Carol Oates
5. The Wonders by Paddy O'Reilly
6. White City by Seb Doubinsky
7. GodBomb! by Kit Power
8. The Truth and Other Lies by Sasha Aranga
9. A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay
10. White Knuckle by Eric Red

And the honorable mentions...

Best short fiction collection, multiple authors
Surreal Worlds edited by Sean Leonard

Best short fiction collection, single author
Our Love Will go the Way of the Salmon by Cameron Pierce

Best non-fiction
M Train by Patti Smith

Best YA Novel
Alive by Scott Sigler

Best chapbook
Baby's Breath by Sydney Leigh

Best Magazine or Journal
Lazy Fascist Review by Cameron Pierce

Best book from 2014 that I read in 2015
I'll Fuck Anything That Moves and Stephen Hawking by Violet LeVoit

Best WTF! novel
Vampire Strippers from Saturn by Vincenzo Bilof

Publisher of the year 
Eraserhead Press and all her evil children.
 my best wishes for the new year.

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