Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cuddly Cthulhu

C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Book

By Jason Ciaramella (illustrations by Greg Murphy)

Publisher: ComixTribe

Pub. Date: 2015

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

We must prepare for the rising of unspeakable horror upon our planet. No, I am not talking about David Icke's Reptilians or ISIS or even The Donald.

I am speaking about the Old Ones.

H. P Lovecraft warned us about them and the insanity and destruction that will follow. It is inevitable. However, we can prepare for it. And most importantly, we can prepare our children in realizing that which cannot be named or described, and likely to drive you insane as an adult, can still be seen as friendly and cuddly.

Cuddly Cthulhu.

Jason Ciaramella has paved the way with this cute book titled C is for Cthulhu. This is an alphabet board book designed to please your little darling and help them become the harbingers of evil and destruction that the ancient ones will appreciate.  How can one be scared of a sleeping red Chthulu or Q'yth-az ("Don't worry, she doesn't bite") or Soggoth ("Chomp chomp chomp...BURP!").

 It is also a very nice travel book.

 We adults can also learn from it and will get as much of a kick as our children from the illustrations by Greg Murphy. Very colorful and cute in a "Awww. Monster!" way yet it still manages to depict a eerie Lovecraftian aura over the most positive childhood environment.

So the next time your child asks, "Mommy? What is that thing lumbering slobberingly into sight and gropingly squeezing Its gelatinous green immensity through the black doorway into the tainted outside air of that poison city of madness?". You can just hand him this book and let him learn in the confines of his about all the terrible and unspeakable horrors that will creep in and cuddle him to sleep. Perhaps H. P Lovecraft was right when he said, "“It is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence, and solitude.” Sometimes it comes in pretty colors and darling little monster drawings.

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