Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beat poetry for the 21th century

Rhyme and Rebellion

By Harry Whitewolf

Publisher: Self-Published

Pub. Date: September 18, 2016

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I appreciate poetry but I prefer poetry with a beat and a message. By""Beat" I mean the Beat Generation with their disdain for an establishment that praised surface over substance and encouraged conformity over fighting for justice and inequality. And that it why I am so stoked by this collection of confrontational rhyme by Harry Whitewolf. There is no question hat Harry (Do you mind if I call you Harry. I feel a kindred spirit present) is greatly influenced by the Beats but his poetry is contemporary and infused with another type of beat and rhyme that would receive a enthusiastic nod from Tupac and Biggie. If I was to try to describe his poetry in one sentence I would say Lawrence Ferlinghetti by way of Che Guevara and Mos Def. Some might call his poetry political but I would call it socially sensible. There is a lot of anger in his words yet the overriding message is peace and equality.

There is humor too. That is what makes the anger palatable and that is one of the reason it becomes art rather than rant. Harry's poetry is fun to read but it really feels like it need to be heard, as suggested by the cover drawing. When all is read and done, this is performance poetry meant for a coffee house or a protest demonstration. But still, the message and exuberance comes thorough in the print. We need more people like Harry Whitewolf who can, excuse me for the cliche, "tell it like it is."

If you do want to hear Harry Whitewolf reading his poetry, here is a video of one of the best poems in the book....

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