Thursday, August 31, 2017

The third book in Mail Order Massacres

Money Back Guarantee

Hunter Shea

Publisher: Lyrical Underground

Pub. Date: October 3, 2017

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If I understand correctly, Shea Hunter's Mail Order Massacres is a trilogy. That would make Money Back Guarantee the last book of the trilogy. I hoping it is an continuing series because it is so much fun. If you have not read my previous reviews for Just Add Water and Optical Delusions , the trilogy focuses on those comic books ads in the back of the pages that offer things like sea monkeys, x-ray glasses, and cardboard submarines, all of them described in glowing terms but all of them ridiculous and disappointing when received.

In Money Back Guarantee, Dwight Lancaster really wants that submarine so his mother Rosemary sends for it. It is a piece of cardboard junk but her son loves it. When he attempts to put it in the pool , he nearly drowns. Rosemary writes to the company that sold it for a refund of her five dollars but instead gets another "sub" and threatening phone calls. When the company kidnaps her son and husband she "goes to war" with whoever manufactured the product and finds they are more sinister than she imagine.

It is a quick and fun read just like the other two in the series. It can be read as a standalone novel but is best if they are read in order since this last book gives clues to what went on in the first two. One of the things I appreciated is that each book had it's own feel. Hunter Shea found a unique horror in each one . While the first two focus on the horror of the product, Money Back Guaranteed looks at the source of the horrors. And of course you are rooting for the mother who at first is fighting "for the principle" but find herself in a life for death situation.

So while I recommend this book, I would actually recommend getting all three and gobbling them up in a night or two. My rating for all three comes down to Just Add Water at three and a half stars, Optical Delusions at four stars, and Money Back Guarantee at four stars. But it I read them as a whole, I would easily say five stars for the trilogy. Sometimes the sum is greater than the parts.

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