Monday, November 11, 2013

A thrilling ending to a great trilogy


By Anders de la Motte

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Bubble is the high-voltage finale to Anders de la Motte Game Trilogy. It is a nice little trickster of a novel that continues the conspiratorial mood of the first two and challenges everything the reader thought they knew. HP and his sister are still being manipulated by the organization called The Game...or maybe they aren't. The author has a talent is setting up scenarios and knocking them down. As far as the plot goes, HP is back in the game and Rebecca is now working for a private security firm not knowing that she is also being drawn into the game's mechanics. HP isn't quite sure which side he is working on and Rebecca is busy protecting Swedish royalty while learning secrets about her father. Old characters from the first two novels come back but not in the way we expect and the players have their own "Death Star" that they must tackle.

The author keeps the action and the surprises coming. There is still the quick changes in third person focus from HP to Rebecca and back that I found a little disorienting but they do work for this type of thriller. But I still think the author doesn't need to end every narration with a cliff-hanger. HP and his sister are having their separate experiences only to come together at the end but it is exciting to see how their discoveries merge together to solve the mystery. I especially like how modern this novel feels in light of the current events surrounding the NSA and data collecting. This is the type of book that should thrill tech geeks, suspense lovers and conspiracy fans alike yet doesn't forget how important three dimensional protectionists are in making a tale really work. My 5 star rating is for the entire trilogy as well as the final installment.

The Game Trilogy continues to be one of the best tech thrillers currently around. I received review copies of the American publications of all three volumes from Simon & Shuster, with Game to be released in December, 2013, Buzz to be released in January of 2014, and Bubble in February, 2014.

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