Friday, November 22, 2013

Humorous and down-to-earth sci-fi

Have Wormhole, Will Travel

By Tony McFadden

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Have Wormhole, Must Travel is a fun science fiction novel with lots of humor. There's some physics involving wormholes and other wonderfully nerdy things but they are entertainingly explained, which would make this perfect for any teenage science fiction fans. McFadden reminds me a little of Christopher Moore, not so much for the writing style but for his use of pleasantly eccentric characters. The plot hinges around a duo of aliens who have been on Earth for hundreds of year in order to monitor the inhabitants technological advancements. Their own planet becomes worried about a scientist who is harnessing wormholes for planetary travel and they slate Earth for demolition. One of the aliens, who have become quite fond of Earth, wants to stop this from happening. That is a tall agenda for an alien considering that some earth girls are suspicious he is a vampire. It is a clever plot and McFadden has a lot of fun with it. This would be a good novel for someone who likes science fiction but prefers their sci-fi to be more down to earth, no pun intended.

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